So the whole idea of being sustainable is somewhat overwhelming, for me. I am having to break this venture down into little increments. Focusing on one aspect at a time, which is extremely hard being part of the ADD generation.

I am so used to multitasking. Lately I have been focusing on bead work. It is something I used to do with my mother, patterns of earrings, necklaces, hair ties and all kinds of stuff passed down through generations. I have, however, not done any beading for some time –  and remembering exactly how to do some of the stitches is becoming problematic.
Why am I beading?  New age sustainability. Where we can  farm, build, repair, barter and sell various wares on the interweb to generate some income for the things we modern people just cannot live without (turns out I have more on than list than I previously thought.)  I have a long list of stuff to produce, but the beading is something that is somewhat dear to me and I would like to pass it on for a least a couple more generations. Plus, I can stock pile now, sell some and save the proceeds, but have a good stock already set up.

Planning – seems silly – I have no idea what’s going to happen – but I am prepared for something!

more to come