Being under a blanket of snow with more to come makes the idea of sustainable farming through a Maine winter daunting. I have grand ideas of greenhouse, cold boxes and milking goats.

All of these things can no doubt work, but I certainly have lots to learn. I fear this will be a trial and error process more than anything. I know a guy (i’ve always wanted to say that) who has a plot up in Lubec.  He does lots of farming and even teaches some classes- he will no doubt be a valuable resource.
I have some fear, surrounding the choice to abandon the machine of life we are all so accustomed to – but my excitement and thirst for freedom is overwhelming.
I am doing lots of research on winter growing. I found a couple different types of plans for greenhouses and alternate ways of heating. One person says that having raised beds in your greenhouse with cages underneath to hold animals (she raised bunnies!) can raise the temp by at least 25 degrees. It all makes sense when you think about it. I am eternally grateful that I am taking the time to get these ideas now, do my research and have a small chance to prepare as much as one can.
Amos and I watched (for like the millionth time) the documentary about the guy who built his cabin in Alaska and lived there alone – for like 40 years. It is amazing that he did it, even more amazing that it is so rare.  I read recently, as I’m sure others did, of this family in eastern Russia who fled to the remote mountain regions, about 60 years ago and had no connection to the outside world. The children spoke an almost made up language and were completely blown away by the tools and food brought by the explores that found them. (The sad ending to that story was that within years of being rediscovered most of the family had died because they were introduced to virus’ that they had no immunity too. So there’s that)
Please do not think I want to remove myself completely from society, I do not. I love my family and friends, buying a latte once in a while and mostly not being like a weird hermit who’s kids can’t be exposed to all the new fangled flu viruses.  . I just want to live a life where I am not only respectful of the people around me – but the land that sustains me. I want to learn and teach my children how to survive on what the earth gives them, and how to let the earth survive them as well.

more to come