Being content; it is not something that comes easily to people. There is so much out there that people wish to acquire. Nice cars, homes, clothes,  power, respect, money. good thingI think that wanting quality products is a perfectly rational and getting to a point in life where you can provide those things is a good thing.




Where I get lost – when one person wishes another didn’t have the good fortune.

There is the same amount of beauty in everyone’s lives, no matter the circumstances, if only they choose to see it. A beautiful sunset is not bought – it is observed. Children’s laughter is not not something to be purchased – it is heard in the parks, homes, and slums of the world. The love we are all capable of is not only available in the high priced restaurants of big cities, it is waiting to be awoken in everyone’s heart. And the pride of a job well done is available to every housewife, laborer, and CEO of the world. We just need to acknowledge all the chances we have for this all in the world around us.
Being upset over someone else’s good fortune, only takes up valuable space in my life, space that could be used to make positive thoughts and plans. I think that if you are living right, there is no room for ill thoughts.

Surely we are all smart enough to make one positive change a day.  Thoughts turn into idea’s and idea’s turn into reality – so make your reality one you enjoy, that you can be content with.