In the midst of all the commotion there is around us – I truly think it is important to stop and smell the roses or at least taste the apples. The chance to go apple picking with my daughters class was a welcome distraction.

We got to go to Treworgy Farm in Levant. It was beautiful, everything I wanted and more. The kids were able to feed and milk goats, pick a couple apples, see how apple cider is made and (best of all) go on a hay ride.


Spending quality time with the one or ones you love has the amazing ability to recharge you and put things a bit more in perspective – which I certainly need, like, all-the-freaking-time. I hope everyone out there remembers why they work so hard and take the time to enjoy the life they are living.

 Live the life you have instead of working for the life you think you want ♥