I talk a lot about sustainability, living off the land, challenges and miracles.
In this undertaking we have all had to try some things we are not 100% comfortable with, for me, a great amount fear  surrounds baking. I know its odd. I love to cook. Cooking is not baking.
My first cake, was delicious, but I dropped several plates on it while it was cooling, thus making cake crumbles versus actual cake.
Behold peanut butter cake with chocolate maple frosting. It came out great, no falling plates or burnt edges. When trees give your sap, you make syrup. When you have 22 pints of syrup – you find uses for it.
Now a cake is not quite a chicken coop or an indoor garden but it was natural and delicious. I guess I’m getting at all the wonderful things that can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone and push through those daunting feelings of fear.