Anyone who knows me knows I am a whirlwind type of person. I have always loved instant results – a go big or go home type of person. How does that work trying to live sustainable life? When your daily punch list is longer than hours in the day- tiredness and complacency have a tendency to creep in. I was once told by a brilliant boss of mine, “Slow down to go faster Eve.” That has stuck with me, and I have to tell myself that, usually on an hourly basis.

Sometimes a step in the right direction is all I can muster.

I enjoy seeing the kids checking the chicken coop for eggs and gardening together gives us valuable time together – while teaching them how to be sustainable. That last part may very well be the most important thing I am doing. Preparing children to be responsible, productive adults is perhaps the greatest gift ever, that I have been given. Having children who know how to build a home, sow a garden, raise animals and be charitable is what I want most.

Today I am happy to slow down to go a bit faster, to take my time while preparing soil, to talk slowly and lovingly to my family and animals, and to have the luxury of time on my side.