Plants have always overrun my life. gnome sayin

When I was a child there were hanging ferns to dodge everywhere, dangerous cactus that would reach out and attack you, cuttings and seeds sprouting everywhere. As I grew up, those cuttings worked their way into my first apartments, and eventually gave way to new botanical experiments of my own.

Houseplants, however, are very different than growing vegetables, fruits, or even herbs – for human consumption. Houseplants are just that, houseplants. They do not have to have a nutritional value, they have been selected and bred to grow within indoor conditions and although they serve many purposes, you’re generally not depending on them.

Having had many successes (and plenty of failures) growing indoor edible gardens I wanted to put out a bit of an overview for those considering a project like this.

can garden
Good Idea. Stupid Purchase
⇐ So yea, this is a thing, that is sold, and apparently makes money. Please don’t waste yours ($ that is.) Wash a can, have a kid color a picture for a label (or print one of mine for FREE.) Need seeds? Seriously, just e-mail me


Keep Reading, it get’s better. Probably. 


Note: This started out as a quick tip blog post. It escalated quickly. So now, We have segments. Perhaps I will try to condense it at some point, maybe.  (See my serious inability to commit?)

Covered items:

The Basics – Needs & Considerations –  what I see as absolutely necessary equipment

Plants to Grow Inside – easy, useful, time tested indoor edibles    Indoor cukes

Plants to Start Inside and Transplant – These are buggers you could grow inside, but don’t. However it makes tons of sense to start them and transplant when weather permits

Myths & Legends – so there are rumors that (some) these grow inside (or grow at all in a few cases.) There are also some hideous growing “things” here that I don’t recommend growing, anywhere, ever.

Special Considerations –  plants, items, conditions, etc that are worth mentioning

Pet Friggin Peeves –  so basically we have here my UNCENSORED rants about well, gardening, plants, people who garden, and some vaguely related items. 

Comments? Questions? Love me? Threats? All are welcome – I will respond, as needed, at some point.