Kids = Laundry.  This Fact in undeniable. I don’t know anyone with kids that doesn’t have this gripe. My husband recently told my best friend (yes, they talk, a lot) That he didn’t like to put his laundry in the basket because he thought it would cause a certain meltdown due to the abundance from our little darlings.

Recently though I came across this little gem….


AKA “make your kids do their own damn laundry machines! download

Now I am not an unreasonable person, most some people would agree with that; but I have three children (6,8 and 13) whom I love very dearly, and they produce enough laundry to make the sweetest person freak the F out.

So naturally the wheels in my head have been turning ever sense I saw this. Laundry baskets no more! Each kid gets a bucket – and let them fend for themselves. Unreasonable? I think not.

Now obviously there will need to be some oversight and intervention. But maybe, just maybe, and appreciation for the chore will reduce the amount of wardrobe changes in the house.

I’m going to try this. Have a better idea? Well by all means – post away. Until then, here’s to making your kids miserable for a few minutes a day! Cheers